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How To Sell Your House

Are you looking for a change of scenery this year? Downsizing? Scaling up? Two-story to a one-story? No matter the reason, you now have both an exciting future to look forward to…and the dreaded task of selling your current home. It can be a stressful process, but we here at Saffron Clean And Tidy can offer a few tips on how to sell your home as quickly as possible.

The trick is to make your home “move-in ready”. Home-buyers are already overwhelmed with the process of moving – make your home look as easy as possible. And that means spending a little extra money upfront to get a big reward down the road.

Start with the first impression.

Everyone knows that first impressions are important when meeting new people. But don’t forget that this also applies to houses. Make sure your house and its potential new owners get off on the right foot. A new coat of paint covers the normal wear-and-tear of a house and assures potential home-buyers that the house has been well-maintained.

Make it spic & span.

Yes, you keep your home very clean but how often do you clean the baseboards? Do you have the tools to reach the hard-to-dust spaces on top of the cabinets and the spiderwebs in the corners of your rooms? Maid Right can give your home a truly professional deep clean that will turn your home into a “blank slate” for potential home-buyers to imagine themselves in.

Invest in new linens.

This is a trick my realtor gave me that helped sell our house in a matter of days. Invest in white towels for the bathrooms – this automatically makes the rooms seem brighter and more polished. While you’re at it, setting the table with white plates and subtle linens is another great way to make the home feel move-in ready.

Stage your furniture.

You may even have to rent furniture to do this but trust us, its worth the up-front cost. Don’t believe us? Check out Cheryl Eisen who makes huge profits by staging apartments in New York City. Arrange your furniture in a way that other people can imagine themselves in. Its not always practical but what matters is if its aesthetically pleasing. Anything to make selling your home a faster process!

Depersonalize the space.

This may seem harsh but again, home-buyers want to be able to imagine their futures in the home. Its time to pack up the art-prints that may take a little “getting used to” and to put away your family photos and memorabilia. Just think of this as the beginning to the move-out process. Once your home is on the market its no longer yours.

Armed with these five crucial tips, go out and sell your home! And remember, Saffron Clean And Tidy is the expert cleaning company that specializes in move-in/move out cleaning. When it comes to selling your home, Maid Right makes the process less stressful.

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